6 trends ruling the interior design space

Interior Design is an ever-evolving field changing constantly to aid the aesthetic needs of the homeowner. A home is where the most crucial memories of a human being take place, it sets the stage for so many important events in their lives and also provides that much-needed peace at the end of a stressful day. Interior design with its constant changes and trends offers so many possibilities in home design from convertible TV slots to neon lights in washrooms. A person’s home interiors often represent their personality. The best part is that interior design has no boundaries and no limitations when it comes to expression, one can customize their space in any way they like. With the evolving exposure to social media, people are expanding their horizons in terms of their requirements. Global Interior pages actively feature the best in the space, and people are looking to incorporate these ideas into their homes. We have compiled a filtered list of emerging trends in the design space.

  1. Multi-Functional Spaces
    Integrated multi-functional living spaces have been an emerging trend. These spaces can
    help maximize utility and functionality. Spaces can vary from a combination of the dining and
    living room to furniture pieces that can act as nice decor side tables which can also be
    used for seating or a work desk attached at the back of the murphy bed which levers to the floor
    when the desk is not in use providing multiple uses for a single private space. This improves
    adaptability and can mitigate the issue of being low on space. This setting is especially
    beneficial for those living in metropolitan areas where lack of space is an issue. Our interior
    design studio space at Kochi can certainly help you explore various options for experimentation
    with multi-functional spaces.
  2. Pastel shades – for the win
    People are often looking for a sense of calm and serenity in their living spaces. Incorporating
    pastel shades can help a lot in creating a calm ambiance. After a long day at work, this
    color combination can provide one with a much-needed sense of calm. Pastel shades are
    brighter versions of well-known colors mixed with white. Pastel shades coupled with some
    great decor can elevate any space. Recent studies have confirmed the connection between our
    home design and mental health, it is seen that personalized spaces with an emphasis on the
    selection of color and furniture promote a mindful zen environment.
  3. Smart Homes
    It’s the era of the internet and people are looking for all things tech! Households have
    already begun to integrate technology like Amazon’s Alexa into their homes which acts as a
    hub for music and an overall personal assistant. But here’s the catch, as far as smart home
    functionalities go, one can even automate their entire home with a simple tablet PC.
    Popularly and colloquially known as a HUB, these HUBs can help adjust lighting,
    temperature, door systems, and even the blinds of your windows! These systems often
    integrate themselves into the CCTV systems which simply means that the HUB is the single
    point of access to your house which you can monitor from around the globe 24×7.
  4. Modern Bathroom spaces
    As far as bathroom spaces are concerned, one cannot help but say “can we also get that
    done?” From neon lights to saunas to Bluetooth speaker systems, modern bathroom spaces
    can range anywhere from elegant to super creative and often a blend of both. We often see
    an integration of open ceiling shower spaces which uses natural light to brighten the space
    effectively. Modular bathroom fittings coupled with unique shower spaces and a Bluetooth
    speaker system for the millennials and GENZs can go a long way in making a statement or on a
    lighter note, setting the mood for a nice productive day. People often incorporate
    modern Japanese architecture to add a hint of minimalism to their bathroom spaces thus
    providing a truly holistic design experience in one’s home.
  5. Biophilic Design Elements
    In the past 2 years, be it quarantine or a total work-from-home situation, we have seen a
    massive drop in the amount of time people spend outdoors. Biophilic design brings the outdoors
    into an indoor space, it is more of a movement than a trend. The biophilic design includes
    elements like plant life, water fountains, aquariums, sounds, scents and also proper ventilation
    and sunlight. Being surrounded by these natural elements also leaves you feeling lighter and
    happier. Indoor plants not only provide greenery to your house but are also very easy to
    maintain. Sustainable furniture, botanical wallpapers and natural murals compliment this
    biophilic design.
  6. Minimalism – Less is More
    The mantra for this year just like so many of the previous years when it comes to design trends
    is “Less is More”. In today’s fast-paced busy life we don’t use half the things we own.
    Decluttering is the first step toward minimalism. It focuses on a neat, simple and functional
    home intensifying the beauty of the space in itself. Minimalist interiors can be anything from a
    monochromatic palette of shades with modern artwork to boldly colored walls with statement
    lighting or oversized chandeliers. It focuses on aesthetics and functionality with restraint.
    If you’re looking to renovate your space or are currently building one, we invite you to our
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